Super Grip Replacement Screws (KeySmart™ Tools)

Super Grip Replacement Screws (KeySmart™ Tools)

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Title:Super Grip Screws
Color:Stainless Steel

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Comes with 3 sets of new Super Grip Screws for your KeySmart key holder:

  • 2 x 5mm length screws (ideal for up to 4 keys)
  • 2 x 8mm length screws (ideal for up to 8 keys)
  • 2 x 14mm length screws (ideal for up to 14 keys)
  • 8 x black spacers/washers

Super Grip Screws: Machined from durable stainless steel. Black rubber ring to ensure screws stay tightened on your KeySmart and keep your keys in place.

Spacers/Washers: Made of hard black fiber to ensure good tension and key glide. Use these to fill in any extra space or divide your keys to preference.

Compatibility: Our Super Grip Screws are compatible with KeySmart Original, KeySmart Rugged, KeySmart Flex and KeySmart Pro

Please watch the Assembly Video for information on how to install.

Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews
Tarie Tennessey
It could have been better!

Having replacement screws is good but it would be good to have male and female replacements since the female is the part of the screw that broke on my Keysmarts.

Terry Burrus

Love it!

Dennis Miller
Great but…

I replaced screws on the original purchase from a month ago because screws kept loosening. Very frustrating. Replacement screws worked on one end but the other still keeps loosening.

Gary Foltynewicz

Pathetic not what I ordered nor needed

David Cardamone
fixed my old keysmart

Great for fixing your old keysmart. I can keep and use my old keysmart with these replacement screws.