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Expansion pack
Sale priceFrom $5.98 USD

Expand KeySmart to hold more keys and accessories

Quick Disconnect
Sale price$4.49 USD

Quickly attach or disconnect objects from keychains

Bottle opener
Sale price$5.99 USD

Sale priceFrom $9.99 USD

Quickly Attach Detach Items | Strong Magnet | convenient

KeySmart® Original
Sale priceFrom $19.99 USD

Original Compact Key Organizer | Holds Up To 14 Keys

KW1 AirKey (11 colors)
Sale price$2.98 USD Regular price$3.98 USD
Save $1 USD

ultra-lightweight key blanks | 11 colors | work with Kwikset locks

Sale price$7.99 USD

Avoid touching public touchscreens

Spacers (KeySmart® Tools)
Sale price$1.98 USD

Every 2 spacers take up 1 key space

Loop Piece
Sale price$1.98 USD

Stainless Steel loop | attach larger keys | car fobs

Folding Knife
Sale price$12.49 USD

Easily Open Packages | fits perfectly onto KeySmart

Super Grip Replacement Screws (KeySmart® Tools)
Sale price$3.99 USD

3 sets of new Super Grip Screws for KeySmart®

KeySmart® Rugged
Sale priceFrom $34.99 USD

extra durable key holder | Expandable to hold up to 14 keys

Sale price$24.99 USD

Avoid Direct Contact With high-touch surfaces | Ergonomic

KeySmart® Max
Sale price$59.99 USD

Works With Tile App for Android & iOS | up to 14 keys

Sale price$50.00 USD Regular price$99.99 USD
Save $49.99 USD

kills 99.99% of germs in 5 min | safe and eco-friendly

Urban Union Slim Wallet
Sale price$39.99 USD

Holds up to 6 cards | Tectuff® Leather

Dangler (Regular, XL Deep Pocket)
Sale price$4.99 USD

clip your keys to anything | Sleek and discreet finish

Pocket Clip
Sale price$4.99 USD

Clip your KeySmart® to any pocket or purse

Sale price$9.99 USD

blade cuts reinforced tape | won’t penetrate skin

Sale priceFrom $9.99 USD

Sturdy & Lightweight| Up to 10 Tools In 1 | 7 Fun Designs

Urban Union Bi-Fold Wallet
Sale price$49.99 USD

Belt Clip
Sale price$5.99 USD

attach keys or multi-tools to belt | symmetrical | locking

KeySmart® Mini
Sale price$14.99 USD

Holds Up to 5 Keys Plus Car Key Fob | Save Pocket Space

Deep Carry Pocket Clip
Sale price$12.99 USD

Keep Your KeySmart Pro in Place | Stainless Steel

Sale price$9.99 USD

Durable Stainless Steel | Spring-Action Cut

MagConnect™ Pro
Sale priceFrom $11.99 USD

Quickly Attach Detach Items | strong magnet up to 20 LBs

KeySmart® iPro
Sale price$49.99 USD

Works With Apple Find My Network | holds Up to 14 keys

Sale price$7.50 USD Regular price$14.99 USD
Save $7.49 USD

Anti-Fog For Glasses & Masks | Easy apply | Long-Lasting

Urban Union Passport Wallet
Sale price$79.99 USD

Holds up to 14 cards | Tectuff® Leather

Nano Pen
Sale price$14.99 USD

stainless steel | Attach to keychain or zipper

Sale price$9.99 USD

durable stainless steel | Precise Tip

KeySmart® Air
Sale price$29.99 USD

Compatible With Apple Airtag | Organize Up To 5 Keys

KeySmart® Leather
Sale price$29.99 USD

Holds up to 10 keys | soft durable synthetic leather

Golf Divot Tool
Sale price$2.50 USD

perfect accessory for any golf enthusiast

CleanLight Air
Sale price$119.99 USD

UVC LED Light | H13 HEPA filter | ultra quiet

Nano Ruler
Sale price$4.99 USD

perfect tool for small measurements | 2 inches

Nano Torch™ Twist
Sale price$59.99 USD

powerful tiny flashlight | rotating swivel head

KeySmart® SmartCard
Sale price$39.99 USD

Works With Apple Find My App | Wireless Charging

CleanLight Mini
Sale price$29.99 USD

Quickly sterilize items on-the-go | kills 99.99% of germs

Sale price$9.99 USD

Lifetime loss protection & 85% recovery rate

KW1 Standard
Sale price$1.98 USD

fits perfectly into KeySmart key organizer | KW compatible

Tactiv™ Bolt Action Pen
Sale price$56.96 USD

100% Waterproof | Rugged Grip

KeySmart® X
Sale price$39.99 USD

Engraved 10-Year Anniversary Edition | Key Organizer

Sale price$9.99 USD

stainless steel nail file | high quality mirror